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Comfort, warmth, and so much more: The merits of carpet

After a long day on the other side of the Hudson River and then a commute home, there are few comforts in life that rival kicking off your shoes and scrunching your toes in soft carpet flooring. True, it is a practical flooring to have installed. Yet the benefits of sinking your stress into a soft rug are immeasurable.

Softness underfoot

When combined with the proper padding, even modest carpet floors will feel like a million dollars underneath your feet. It is soft and it insulates your feet from the cold floor in the wintertime. It almost invites you to go barefoot as you go about your day.

And so much more

What more you may ask? Our floors offer you variations in both style and design while giving you a nearly limitless number of colors from which to choose. You can control not only the feel of the floor with carpet floors; you can change the feel of an entire room. Whether formal or casual, carpeting will set the mood for your room.


Styles galore!

At Treptow floors, we have styles galore for you. We offer traditional twist rugs for that classic wall-to-wall look and we offer velvet saxonies which are a classic favorite for formal rooms in your home. If you are looking for a little more durability, you might look at a looped Berber carpet flooring. These combine the strength of a commercial loop with the comfort of a residential piece. You might look at a frieze, which has highly twisted tufts, providing more durability than their standard twisted cousins. You may even want to have a patterned rug that will show off the distinguished character of your room.

Fibers galore!

Do not think that your options end with style. There are also numerous fibers from which you can choose. Nylons are favored for their high durability and solution-dyed nylons are virtually stain-proof. Some polyesters are known for their vibrant colors and their resistance to stains. In some cases, some blends help you achieve the best of both worlds. Finally, we are your carpet flooring retailer for rugs made with New Zealand wool, which is the historic Cadillac of carpet fibers.

Whatever your preferences, we have lines of carpet that will meet your needs. Whether you live in Fairfield, NJ, Clifton, NJ, Paterson, NJ, Bloomfield, NJ, Wayne, NJ, Essex County, NJ, Bergen County, NJ, || New York City, NY, call or stop by our Clifton, NJ showroom and our knowledgeable sales staff will orient you to the options we have available.